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June 19, 2020

EP04: Science Behind Eliminating Fear, Jerry and Blake Peterson of SCARS

EP04: Science Behind Eliminating Fear, Jerry and Blake Peterson of SCARS
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The David Johnson Show brings the service community stories and perspective so you can design the life you deserve.
 In this episode on The Science of Combat and Eliminating Fears, learn about the combat mindset, the offensive mindset and what Jerry Peterson calls the Empathy Link. Apply this mindset and watch your life transform in front of you. Jerry and Blake Peterson of SCARS INSTITUTE OF COMBAT SCIENCES.
 The Science of Human Movement - Jerry Peterson of SCARS talks about how he got into studying martial arts after he returned from Vietnam. He analyzed all different forms of martial arts then looked at them from a different aspect and wondered about the science.
 After over 35,000 hours of research, he founded a process he called "Peterson's Dominant Process Systems" which is a combination of geometry and human movement.
 “After that, I said, "That's it. This is the science of human movement. The science of how humans can take their body and do anything with it that they need to. They can handle a gun, knife, club, multiple fights." I took it to the government. That's how I got invited to go talk to a group of Navy SEALs.”
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