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May 22, 2021

EP25: How to Get Anybody to Talk, Especially Your Prisoner

EP25: How to Get Anybody to Talk, Especially Your Prisoner
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Why conventional interrogation tactics didn’t work in the early Iraq days and how getting a prisoner to talk led to a new approach to interrogation.

This is an excerpt from the full story on how the U.S. Army’s hunt for the one man who knew the location of Saddam Hussein turned into one of the biggest success stories in military history.

The David Johnson Show is a national voice that talks about points of interest within our cultural – The Military and Veteran Cultural.

More so than ever the Military and Veteran community has created a culture in America. A sub-culture unique to our way of life, our experiences and the language we speak. Military forces have been deploying to fight the war on terrorism since 09/11/2001 and remain engaged in combat operations to this day. We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. This mindset of a Soldier, Airman, Sailor or Marine is never lost. Yes, the individual will exit the Military and start a new chapter in their life, however, the culture never dies.

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