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Aug. 17, 2021

EP27: Why Are 1 in 4 Military Spouses Unemployed?

EP27: Why Are 1 in 4 Military Spouses Unemployed?
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Award winning  entreprenuer addresses top concerns within the military spouse community.  

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Jaime Chapman owns a Military Spouse Staffing Agency and is the Co-Founder of the United States Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce (https://milspousechamber.org/)

In this episode of The David Johnson Show, Jaime breaks down the impact of military spouses putting their careers on hold. The military spouse demographic is drastically underemployed with one in four military spouses being unemployed. Jaime tells the truth about being a military spouse and what a day in the life of a military spouse looks like. Since the military spouse unemployment rate is so high, Jaime also details the many aspects of military spouses taking their career from freelancing to military spouse entrepreneurship - military spouse professional development and military spouse education being just some of them.

In this military podcast, we learn that one in three military families move every year. In the five years, Jaime has been married to her Active Duty husband, they have lived in four homes, two states, and a different country.  This is one reason why a military wife has a difficult time growing and maintaining a steady career.  This is why over half of military spouses turn to self-employment sometime during their “career.”

The Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce (MSCC) is one resource for freelance or entrepreneur military spouses. MSCC has a proprietary certification process that can allow your business to be officially labeled as a “Military Spouse Owned Business” - in turn allowing the business owner to engage in different programs, receive benefits and participate in supplier diversity options the Chamber brings to the table. It’s a true military spouse support system.

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