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Aug. 24, 2021

EP29: 2001 Air Force Special Operations Rescue of Afghanistan President Karzai

EP29: 2001 Air Force Special Operations Rescue of Afghanistan President Karzai
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The unbelievable story of how one rescue attempt made this group of Air Force and Army Special Operations feel like they made a difference.

In 2001 there was an assassination attempt against then acting President of Afghanistan, President Karzai.  His PSD (Personal Security Detail) were U.S. Navy SEALS. One of the SEALS was shot in the head – and this is the real-life story of the rescue – Told by retired (AFSOC, Air Force Special Operations Command) helicopter pilot Bryan Martyn.  Bryan Martyn was the Mission Commander. 

This short clip represents the power, courage and professionalism of our United States Military and AFSOC.  The ability to change missions at a moment's notice and execute the flying and rescue aspect of this mission speaks to the training and expertise of members of this unit. 


“Ok, go get the helicopters ready. We got a “lat/long”, we looked at the satellite image, and thought “where can we land in Kandahar” …. 

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