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Sept. 20, 2021

EP32: How The Military Grooms Extraordinary Leaders

EP32: How The Military Grooms Extraordinary Leaders
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“The Military is a system that takes young people and does extraordinary things with them”

“Even at the Four-Star Level… the best Four Stars that I served with bring all their staff around  and say – Ok Team, here is the situation. I need your best Military advice”

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Hal’s current position is Director | Defense Media Agency

Government Chief Executive (Senior Executive Service) leading a team of 1500 people at 30+ worldwide locations delivering satellite television, radio, internet, multi-media content and services to the Department of Defense's 3+ million military members, reservists and civilian employees. The Defense Media Activity (DMA) also provides primary joint education and training for the military public affairs community through the Defense Information School (DINFOS).


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