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Dec. 1, 2021

EP45: Apache Pilot Commander on Deployment Mindset and Next Moves

EP45: Apache Pilot Commander on Deployment Mindset and Next Moves
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Former female Apache Pilot breaks down her deployment mindset during her tour in Syria. She explains the importance of compartmentalization and how being deployed allows for that full focus on missions.

Although this command team had some difficult moments which challenged their relationship, they were unique in the sense that they were able to successfully overcome challenges without arguing. Having complete trust in each other allowed them to be able to focus on their missions. They both wanted to give a good product to their customer and get everybody in their troop home.

Transitioning out of the military during deployment was not an easy task. It took time as handing over Command is not an easy thing to do. Once out, Kat chose not to take advantage of the many incredible resources out there for transitioning vets as she knew what direction she wanted to go.

When it comes to transitioning out of the Military - “Do as I say, not as I do”. Kat explains how she didn’t transition out how she would recommend. There are so many resources available to help those transitioning vets that should be utilized.

Professional Development and thinking about your next move is Keith’s best advice he gave to his soldiers.

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