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Dec. 22, 2021

PTSD and the Impact on Law Enforcement

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PTSD is affecting our Law Enforcement Officers! This retired LEO opens up about his struggles, how he coped, and how he eventually overcame his mental health battle.

Kurt Dabb had a 20 year career in law enforcement, went from Army Grunt to Pima County Sheriff Officer. During his career he lost fellow comrades, was part of an officer involved shooting, and saw things that most people don't dream of in their worst nightmares. Kurt shares what most won't talk about. Mental Health and the affects of his PTSD. 

His analogy of a light switch dimmer and being able to control it in escalated situations, gives a more clear understanding of how PTSD can affect a person. Kurt quit drinking and is now an active runner and exercise enthusiast. 

There are many first responders, active military, and veterans that deal with these same struggles. We encourage you to speak up and get help. There are many resources out there.