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Army 101st Airborne Division. Soldier Attacks His Own | Inside Story of the Inside Attack

U.S. Army retired CSM, Bart Womack, describes the first hand account of the deadly attack against the men and women of Headquarters and Headquarters Company First Brigade, 101st Airborne Division.

Shortly after deploying for the war in Iraq, the Bastogne Brigade was staged at Camp Pennsylvania in Kuwait where they prepared for the ground covey into Iraq. During the eerie, pitch-black, early morning hours of March 23rd, 2003, a fellow American Soldier - Sergeant Hasan Akbar, executed the unthinkable and unlikeliest of scenarios by throwing hand grenades into his Chain of Command's tents. He then followed up with small arms fire.

Two offices were killed and 12 others wounded. Despite the tragic deaths, the Bastogne Brigade received movement orders to cross the border into Iraq just 48 hours after the attack.

Author: Bart Womack : Embedded Enemy

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